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More than a Comparision Website

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More than a comparison site

Now, you would have to have been away for an awful long time not to have seen one of the various national advertisements on TV for a comparison website. Many of these sites fulfil a fantastic purpose and have brought a real positive financial change to many UK consumers and their pockets. For many financial products they really are the answer to getting the best bang for your buck. However, arguably, when it comes to the largest financial commitment you are ever likely to make we believe that little bit extra is required. It’s called advice.

Unlike credit cards and personal loans, mortgages do not follow a one size fits all philosophy. The most important thing for a mortgage broker to find out about when they meet you is … you. Only after understanding your needs and circumstances can a broker make a recommendation. The very best rate might not be for you, you may have other needs (don’t we all…). That is why just picking a product on where it comes in a best buy table is a dangerous game, particularly if that best buy has made it to the top with some added financial encouragement from the owner, as happens with a number of comparison websites.

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