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The Nexmoney Promise

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Nexmoney is committed to providing an unparalleled customer experience from the moment we first speak to you, right the way up to when your mortgage completes, and for many years beyond. As the largest financial commitment most of us are ever likely to make, we believe you are entitled to an excellent and thoroughly professional service. To ensure that this happens, we promise to:

  • Listen to your needs and discuss your options in plain English, avoiding jargon
  • Be transparent about all fees and charges associated with our service and products
  • Provide you with documentation that shows exactly how we work
  • Explain the different mortgage products available from the whole of the market available to intemediaries
  • Make recommendations that are entirely suited to your needs
  • Confirm these recommendations in writing
  • Never, ever be swayed by commission we may receive from a lender
  • Work with you to complete a mortgage application and explain any additional documentation clearly
  • Maintain regular contact throughout the application process, keeping you informed at every stage
  • Provide advice on how to protect your mortgage and family
  • Provide a service for life – every time your rate ends we will contact you in good time to arrange your next mortgage

These commitments are not just about a service company saying what it should say. We genuinely strive to achieve them in all we do. That, simply, is a promise.

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